InkVivo Technologies has pioneered a novel method in pharmaceutical and medicinal products. After over 6 years of rigorous research and development conducted at ETH Zurich, we have have developed an innovative approach to create a game-changing drug delivery platform.

Our advanced technology joins precision engineering with cutting-edge biomaterials, ensuring the controlled and efficient release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Whether it’s elevating the bioavailability of critical medications, extending the lifespan of patented drugs, or pioneering innovative drug delivery solutions, InkVivo stands as valid partner to pharmaceutical solutions.

The challenge

One of the current challenges in pharmaceuticals pertains to the limited control over the release of active drug compounds across various delivery methods. Traditional drug delivery systems and its administration routes (e.g., oral, injectable, transdermal, and more) often encounter common issues. These include limited absorption rates, premature drug degradation within the body, and difficulties in achieving precise and sustained release profiles. Patient adherence to multiple daily doses can also be challenging, potentially compromising treatment effectiveness.

Furthermore, the expiration of patented drugs poses a significant hurdle for pharmaceutical companies. Innovative drug delivery systems, like the one pioneered by InkVivo Technologies, aim to address these challenges by providing more controlled and efficient methods of delivering pharmaceuticals, ultimately enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

InkVivo’s Solution

InkVivo Technologies offers a groundbreaking drug delivery solution that redefines the way pharmaceuticals are administered. Our advanced delivery system is the result of years of dedicated research and development conducted in collaboration with experts at ETH Zurich.

Unlike traditional methods, our technology provides precise control over the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients, regardless of the delivery route: oral, injectable, or transdermal. This innovation addresses common challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, such as inconsistent absorption, premature drug degradation, and adherence issues.

By enhancing the bioavailability of drugs, extending their patent and lifecycle, and offering more patient-friendly delivery options, InkVivo’s solution sets new standards in pharmaceutical excellence.

We’re committed to improving therapeutic outcomes and revolutionizing the way drugs are delivered for the benefit of patients and the industry as a whole.

Key Features

InkVivo’s solution offers precise control over the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This means that regardless of the delivery method (oral, injectable, transdermal, etc.), the system ensures that the right amount of the drug is released at the right time, enhancing drug efficacy and therapeutic outcomes.

InkVivo’s technology is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical compounds and delivery methods. Whether it’s improving the bioavailability of existing drugs, extending the lifespan of patented medications, or developing novel delivery solutions, InkVivo’s platform can be tailored to specific pharmaceutical needs.

At InkVivo Technologies, we offer ourselves as collaborative partners to pharmaceutical companies, working hand-in-hand to develop innovative and tailored drug delivery solutions. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that we can jointly address industry challenges, improve drug effectiveness, and bring new pharmaceutical solutions to market efficiently.