About InkVivo

Elia and Stefano have been close friends for years. Elia’s PhD work focused on developing the technological platform that is now known as InkVivo. In 2020, Stefano and Elia joined forces to translate the academic research into several biotech products. Since then, a new entreprise was born and the project has been collecting several awards in the startup field.

InkVivo Technologies AG

is based in Viganello, Switzerland and conducts its research in collaboration with the Macromolecular Engineering Lab of ETH, Zürich.


InkVivo Technologies
c/o USI Startup Centre
Via la Santa 1
6962 Viganello (Lugano)


c/o Macromolecular Lab
ETH Zürich
Sonneggstrasse 3
8006 Zürich

Elia Guzzi, Dr.

Co-Founder, CEO
Biomedical Eng. ETHZ

Leonardo Tognola

R&D Manager
Mechanical Eng. ETHZ

Stefano Cerutti

Co-Founder, COO
EMBA HEC Lausanne