At InkVivo Technologies, we are dedicated to optimizing nutrition for both health-conscious individuals and sports professionals alike. Our precision delivery systems ensure that essential nutrients are released at the right time and in the right place, supporting your journey to improved performance and overall well-being.

Whether you are a nutrition expert seeking reliability or an athlete striving for peak results, InkVivo is your trusted partner. With our solutions, your nutritional supplements become highly effective tools for achieving your goals. Join us in advancing nutrition, where science and real-world application converge for a healthier and more successful you.

The challenge

Current nutraceuticals often suffer from poor release properties due to several factors. One significant challenge is the inherent variability in the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients and bioactive ingredients within the body. Many nutraceutical compounds have low solubility and are prone to degradation in the harsh gastrointestinal environment, resulting in limited absorption and reduced therapeutic impact.

Additionally, the lack of precise control over release kinetics in conventional formulations hampers their ability to deliver consistent and sustained benefits to consumers. This variability in release properties can lead to unpredictable results and hinder the effectiveness of nutraceutical products.

InkVivo’s Solution

At InkVivo Technologies, we aim to overcome these limitations through our advanced delivery systems, offering a solution that ensures the precise, controlled release of active ingredients for improved bioavailability and enhanced health outcomes.

Our ability to formulate and produce on-demand tailored nutraceuticals opens new possibilities with a customer centric approach.

We offer food and nutrition businesses the tools to innovate and craft custom nutraceutical, characterized by specific flavors, textures, colors, and bioactive compound release rates.

Key Features

We specialize in creating customized delivery systems that precisely control the release of active ingredients, optimizing bioavailability and therapeutic effectiveness.

Our technology ensures that each dose of the nutraceutical offers a consistent and reliable release profile, making us a trusted and dependable partner for professionals in the industry.

The resorbable nature of our materials is ideal as it ensures that our delivery systems break down harmlessly within the body, minimizing the need for additional removal procedures and promoting patient comfort and safety.